One Room Challenge: Week 3 Hall Bath Reno
One Room Challenge: Week 3 Hall Bath Reno
One Room Challenge: Week 3 Hall Bath Reno

One Room Challenge Week 3

We are half way through the One Room Challenge! Some amazing bloggers and designers have made incredible progress in terms of visual changes. Our little hall bathroom room doesn’t show that much, but a lot of research, many decisions and a contractor search is still underway.

Because our bathroom is so tight (a.k.a small), I came up with a couple of options for shelving. I researched many rooms and you’ll see them below with my comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what I designed because I could go either way.

The mirror is going to be a custom design, built by me and inspired by an antique I found online.



I am in LOVE with penny tile. I found some tile layouts that I thought were fun. Tell me which one you like the most. Inspiration is everywhere!


Blue Penny Tile Source

This shower is banded in blue penny round and white 4×12 subway tile stripes.



Mother of Pearl nichesSource

Blue subway shower tiles frame two white glass mini brick tiled shower

niches connected by white glass iridescent accent tiles.

The key with niches is that they need to be framed out when the studs are exposed. You can make them any size, vertical or horizontal.


The real question is this…do you pronounce niche as “nich” or “neesh”? It’ll be interesting to know. It’s similar you say purse or handbag. It might be a location thing.


Hortizontal Shower NicheSource

With the ‘nich’, I would like to see something like this…a long horizontal one in our shower. When you want to add a niche to your tub/shower, ask yourself if you want it to be a focal point or something that is not seen through the door.

Personally, I want ours hidden so the bottles and such aren’t seen when you come in the room. I  feel it’s a cleaner look. You’ll see the final in our reveal!

Location of tile

I’ve located the tile at Floor & Decor.  Since we have a regatta next weekend, I’ll be able to pick it up while I’m in Tennessee. I called to understand their shipping charges, and while their pricing can’t be beat, the shipping charges more than doubled their cost. Crazy! So while my kiddos are rowing next weekend, I’m gonna slip out and make a trip to Floor & Decor.

Here are some of my tile choices.

For the floor…I found a new potential. It all depends on how I like the shower wall tile with the floor tile. I’ll decide on the spot.

Want to come with me? I’ll take you LIVE into the store. Comment below if you’d like to be my sidekick.



White Matte Hexagon Porcelain Mosaic

Floor & Decor  $2.99 a piece


Arabesque Lantern White Porcelain Mocaic

Floor & Decor   $3.79 a piece


Dark Blue Multi Penny Porcelain Mosaic

Floor & Decor   $3.99 / piece



Carrara PorcelainFloor & Decor: Carrara Polished Porcelain $ 2.49 s/f

Floor & Decor Volakas  $1.99 to 2.69 s/f


Contractor update:

Sometimes you just can’t get a callback. Have you ever had that happen to you?

I’ve been trying to reach three different contractors, two of which I’ve worked with in the past. If you have experience with someone, and you know the quality of their work, it’s always wise to try them first. Life gets busy, and if their work load is full, that’s great…just call me back.

Good thing I’m pleasantly persistent! I’ll find someone and we’ll get this project done, I promise!

Shower Update:

We’re leaning toward clear glass to make the space appear larger.

Sink Wall Elevation Update:

I’ve played around with many different ideas and found some fabulous inspiration. See below.

I was specifically searching for shelf ideas that would maximize space in our tiny hall bath, without looking boring. I hate when counters are cut back over toilets; it’s just one of my personal dislikes. Many people do it, but I’m just not a fan.

These ideas I found are different and unique in their own ways. Which one is your favorite?


Jenna Sue DIY LadderSource

Simple “ladder” for storage gives a light and rustic look.

Shades of Blue Interior Bathroom Source

White floating shelves blend into the shiplap and keep the area “light” in color.



The shelf ledge is finished like crown molding.


Melodie Durham Durham DesignsSource

I included this because of the mirror. Inspiration at its finest!


Whitten Architext Boston BathroomSource

One continuous shelf across the sink and toilet.


BHG Find extra storageSource

This is what we’ll do on the opposite side next to the shower…vertical storage.

My designs for the Sink Wall:


What I came up with are the following two designs. Option 1 makes the space a bit more contemporary which is an interesting mix. Option 2 would be a bit more “normal” but who ever says we have to be normal when it comes to design? I’d love your thoughts.

Option 1

Hall Bath Elevation 1 MVShiplap with one continuous shelf.

Option 2

Hall Bath Elevation 2 MVShiplap with shelves over toilet

Option 3

Hall Bath Elevation with WainscotWainscot Option with shelves over the toilet. I’ll do a simpler version of wainscot,

if we choose this option. My design program didn’t allow me to show what’s in my mind.

Which is your favorite?

I’ll wrap up my research and design choices, as best I can. Orders will start being placed this week and next. We’re excited!

I love watching all the progress other amazing creatives, designers and bloggers are achieving. Be sure to check them out as well and see what you can take away for one of your projects. The One Room Challenge is proving to be just that, but I know we’ll get it done!

It’s going to be fabulous!

Thanks for all the encouragement thus far. It’s been fun tracking this One Room Challenge project with you all. Be sure to check out the past two weeks on the blog as well.

Stay tuned…there’s more to come!

Lisa Jennett Wood


I love the wainscot option! By now, I’m sure you’ve already been to Floor and Decor. Isn’t it amazing? I felt like a kid in a candy shop. 🙂

Thanks Emy, I head to Floor & Decor this weekend. I’ve been to the Dallas store when we lived there, but living in a smaller town, we don’t have the same resources. Yes, it’s like walking into a candy store…but we’re kind of like “design geeks” when it comes to things like that. 🙂

Thank you! The tile is being narrowed down by elimination…but it’s meant to be. I’m excited to see it too!

Thank you Carol, I appreciate your encouragement. I’m leaning the same direction you are. We’ll get to see it all soon!


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