One Room Challenge: Week 4 Hall Bath Reno
One Room Challenge: Week 4 Hall Bath Reno
One Room Challenge: Week 4 Hall Bath Reno

Week 4 is here…ready or not.


We’re here in the fourth week of the One Room Challenge, created and organized by Linda Weinstein. What an incredible journey this has been both personally and professionally. I’ve met some incredible people, watched great designs take place, fostered friendships, and received incredible support from so many talented people. It’s been fun and the best part is…the reveal is right around the corner!

Here’s what’s happening in our Hall Bath Reno…

Contractor update:

We have one! (happy dance)

A friend was able to help me line up the experts I need. As Property Brothers will tell you, so stated in the recent People Magazine, if you don’t know how to do it…DON’T!

I’m very capable, but I do want this done right and in a timely manner. My mom tried to fix her sink last year and ended up not reconnecting the pipe fittings correctly, after she so proudly cleaned out the trap. Leaks started to happen and a professional was called in. Not good.

Again…if you don’t know what you’re doing…don’t.


Sconce update:


Look at this beauty!

Minka Lavery 4660-273Source


I needed to find one that was a certain size. We’re in a tight space and the backplate of the sconce was critical. After several searches, I almost made a decision on one that I thought was absolutely gorgeous. I had a funny feeling that I should double check the specs on it. I discovered that the dimensions on the spec sheet were larger than what the photo described.

I was about to settle and figure out a solution to make it work…then low and BEhold…this one popped up as a potential! It was the perfect width!


Why do I love this?


I want to mix metals in this room…because I can. I’m not a “matchy matchy” person and I tire easily when everything is made to go together…it’s just too simple for me. I like a challenge and I love to create something unique that not everyone has.

These spoke to me!

Plus, the finish is aged patina which will do great in this room, It suffers from too much moisture…especially if the kids don’t use the exhaust fan while taking hot showers.

Humidity can affect the finishes on metal so I’m hoping that if it happens to this one…it’ll only make it more beautiful.


Minka Lavery Sconces

Christmas in April…


Mirror update:


This is one of the inspiration pieces.

Ethan Allen Mirror

Antique Gold Madeleine Trumeau Wall Mirror


And this is another.

Antique mirror

Source: unknown

I fell in love with the architectural elements of these two mirrors. They resemble antique doors and transoms.

Those inspirations led me to design this. I had the help of my handy dandy lover…aka my husband. We still have a few pieces to attach. Once they are secure, it’ll be primed and painted, and fixed with a mirror inside.

I can’t wait to see it in place for the final reveal.


Mirror in progress



I recently went into Sherwin Williams to talk with Gary, one of their experts.  I explained that our bathroom has moisture issues, which caused mold spores to grow on the ceiling. The exhaust fan works, but my children forget to turn it on.

In order to correct the problem, Gary told me several steps to take.

  1. Clean all areas and spots with 1:1 ratio of H2O and bleach.
  2. Use a shellac primer, not the synthetic version. Paint the ceiling as well as the corners and top portion of the wall.
  3. Paint with a satin topcoat to help prevent moisture streaks from showing on your finished coat. Recommended paints are Emerald, Duration or Super Paint.
  4. Train the kids to turn the fan on.

Side note: Gary also shared that there are additives you can mix into paint to help prevent mold and mildew, but said they are a waste of money. Instead, clean it thoroughly and seal it well with a shellac primer to keep the spots from bleeding through your new paint.


Sherwin Williams Shellac PrimerSource


Tile Update:


The regatta my kids had this weekend was canceled due to the Coast Guard declaring the river current running too fast. They had a lot of rain!

I planned to go to Floor & Decor while there and grab what I needed. All seemed so easy. Since our trip was canceled at the last minute, that left me wondering what to do; it’d be a 6-hour round trip. I called Floor & Decor to check their inventory, and was so glad I did! They were out of stock on the penny tile and the wall tile.

Back to the drawing board…and all the local tile stores to see who has what and how quickly they can get an order in.

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There’s nothing like getting off to a slow start, but sometimes our great intentions just don’t pan out. Projects require a lot of planning, organizing, scheduling, and patience…with moments of laughter mixed in.

My husband is a bit nervous that this hall bath remodel is going to run longer than the 6-week challenge. I’m confident it won’t.

I say…Let’s stay confident!

Be sure to check all the great rooms on One Room Challenge. I’m enjoying getting to know these very talented designers, bloggers and DIY homeowners. Their focus and determination is contagious!

Till next week!


Lisa Jennett Wood





Thank you Emy, we’re getting the tile all worked out. The shower tile will be in this week. And the floor I’ll nail down today. Thanks for your comment on the mirror. I’m excited to see it all done!

We are one step closer! Thanks for the “bazillion” excitement on the sconces. I feel the same way!


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