One Room Challenge Spring 2017 Week 6: Hall Bath Reno
One Room Challenge Spring 2017 Week 6: Hall Bath Reno
One Room Challenge Spring 2017 Week 6: Hall Bath Reno

One Room Challenge

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Well…we didn’t make the big reveal date of the Spring 2017 One Room Challenge. I feel like the Trains, Planes and Automobiles movie where there were great intentions but life happened and caused delays. No worries though because the project is well underway. We’ll wrap it all up next week.

Right now, I’m in GA writing this post. We’re here for the last regatta of the season. Both my kids are coxing their big race of the season. For my daughter, this is her last race with this team; she graduates high school and is heading to college. We’ve been traveling for four years to different regattas and I wouldn’t trade these moments for anything.

The opportunity to participate in the One Room Challenge has been so fun and rewarding. Rewarding in the sense that I’ve made new friends across the miles, received heartfelt encouragement, my bathroom will be done, and I get to show it to the world. Plus, I’ve had the great pleasure of learning about Linda Weinstein, the founder of ORC, and all the fabulous 20 Featured Designers and bloggers that were featured this Spring.

Over 250 ORC Guest Participants joined in as well, and that is where my project resides. Do go take a look at all the projects. They will not only inspire you, but I’m sure you’ll walk away with a great idea or two for your own home.


The bathroom pocket door is not going to happen. We found HVAC lines running through the wall and while they only needed to be moved a few inches to accommodate for the door, the cost became the deciding factor to pass on the idea.

With framing costs, the pocket door frame and hardware, and the cost to move the lines it would cost over $1000. While I’d love to have that done, I’d rather spend that money on my next project so we can get this house up to date for resale in the future. It’s a give and take for sure.


It’s all in and looks fabulous! We replaced the vent with a new “can fan” and it’s so quiet, plus we doubled the amount of light in this cozy space. I like showering and shaving with good light so I think my kids will feel the same.

Our electrician also moved the outlet. It was originally between the sink and toilet; not the most ideal location for an electric toothbrush to be sitting. My daughter almost had hers swimming in the bowl. She would have died if it actually fell into it as she’s a bit of a germaphobe. Moving it allowed me to also increase the plug count from 2 to 4, and we brought it to code with a tamper proof GFCI outlet.

I’m a happy camper!

I finally figured out why my electrician seemed so familiar…when you hear him speak and laugh, he sounds just like Matthew McConaughey!  Besides my hot husband, Matthew ranks right on up there. And I do love listening to him speak. Sigh…


The Schluter system was installed to make this room waterproof. It’s an amazing product.  I share a little by video here


Shower Install

The tile is up and all areas are grouted. It’s looking really good! I’m pleased. The part of my team helping me pull this project together is father and son duo. Meet Andres, Jr. I came up to check on the room and found him cleaning up the grout lines. He doesn’t think he has much of a smile, but I disagree.


Meet Andres Jr!



  • The vanity and mirror are painted.
  • The sheetrock is being installed and patched as required.
  • Paint will be finished after the walls are prepped.
  • Accessories are being gathered.
  • The room will be completed and styled next week.
  • The final reveal…week 7.

What I love about this challenge is that it is a true challenge. There is not a penalty for missing the end date. The beauty of the ORC is that it’s designed to encourage others to start and finish a room within a certain period of time. How many of us think of doing something and never get around to it? We have great dreams, ideas, and intentions…but never implement an actual plan? This ORC helps you push past the thought and to create action.

It’s said that a dream without a plan is just a wish.

And for those of us that say we’ll do it later… later can become never.Click To Tweet

So here’s to getting started and working hard until it’s done. I compliment everyone who took this challenge on! I’m enjoying seeing all the hard work, passion and commitment to creating spaces that reflect the owners. Look through their projects, grab a cup of something, relax and enjoy.

I’ll be back next week with our final reveal.

Thank you to all who have offered me such amazing encouragement. I am honored and touched by your kind words and support. Congratulations all One Room Challenge participants! Well done! Well done!

I’m off to enjoy the regatta weekend. Till next week,

Happy Mothers day to all you amazing moms. May your lives and homes continued to be blessed with love, joy and beautiful memories!

Cheers and blessings,

Lisa Jennett Wood

Thank you, Gina…life really does go on God’s timing and not our own. I can’t wait to show you the reveal!!! 🙂


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