Red, White & Blue . . . It’s Time To Celebrate!
Red, White & Blue . . . It’s Time To Celebrate!
Red, White & Blue . . . It’s Time To Celebrate!

I love Memorial Day!

It reminds me of our fabulous country, the men and women who serve to ensure our safety, and the start of summer. It’s a perfect reason to celebrate!

AND Oh, how my kids are ready for summer!

School begins and ends at such different times across the country. When I was growing up in El Paso, Memorial Day weekend signified the end of our school year and the beginning of summer. Here in North Carolina, summer won’t begin until June 9th this year.

Whatever your schedule is…I think we can all agree that this weekend sets our sights on freedom. Freedom because we are blessed to live in the United States of America and pursue our dreams. And freedom from busy schedules…at least that is the hope.

So to kick this season off, I found a few ideas to get you in the spirit.

Some of these DIY projects are easy peasy and you could accomplish them in one day. You’ll just need to read this soon to make it happen. If not, use these ideas for the 4th of July or Labor Day.  Although we really don’t need specific days to celebrate where we live and who we are, they are fun excuses to make our gatherings special.

Let’s start off with some fun gift ideas and or table decorations.

These mason jars are so “Americana”! You can find them at your grocery store and antique stores as well. Grab some acrylic paints and go to town. The first set is painted in solid colors. The second set will require a bit more craftiness (painters tape and a “star” stamp or stencil).



Patriotic American Flag Painted Mason Jars


Now let’s move on to FOOD! One of my favorite F words.

Who can turn down a cupcake in a jar?


Red White Blue Cupcake in a Jar

Red White Blue Cupcake in a Jar

You can get the recipe from this link. For a no-bake idea…simply grab some fruit, whip cream (in a can) and a sponge cake from your grocery store and layer, layer, layer. The presentation is so fun and pretty. Your guests will love them!

I love this idea and think I’ll implement this often.


Ask your guests to bring copies of their signature recipes to share. Print them on patriotic paper colors, roll them up and tie with a ribbon. Have enough copies for each guest to take home.


Potluck Recipe Share


Transform a watermelon fruit salad into a patriotic centerpiece. Hot glue ticking fabric, cut into a triangle, onto a dowel. If you hot glue the cut edges of the triangle and fold them over onto the triangle, you’ll create a stiffer sail.  Stick into your watermelon and enjoy the Oooooos and Ahhhhs.


Note: ticking fabric and dowels can be found at Hobby Lobby or a local fabric store. Skewers can be used as well but you might want to secure 3-4 tall skewers together to make them strong enough to hold the fabric.


Fruit Sail Boat

The recipe is yummy and oh so simple. All you need is fruit of your choice, lemon juice, and tonic. If you wanted to make it an adult beverage you could. If not, enjoy this as a refreshing and fun drink for all. Click here for the full recipe.

Oh My Sugar High

Fruit Infused Sparkling Water




And there you have it.


If you or a loved one have served or currently serve our country, thank you! We are so grateful for your dedication and commitment to America and upholding our freedom. Because of our military,  we can rest assured that they are doing everything possible to maintain what makes America great! Again, a great reason to celebrate!

I wish you all a very blessed Memorial Day Weekend! Make some beautiful memories and kick this upcoming season off right!

If you have a special tradition for Memorial Day, please do share in the comments below. And if you care to share this post with others…because maybe you just can’t keep some of these fun ideas to yo’self…by all means…share away.

It’s all about being proud to wave our red, white and blue!

I’m grateful for the ability to go after my dreams and this blog is one of them because it allows me to connect with you. When we connect, we enrich our lives and encourage others. Thank you for taking time to read what inspires me! My hope is that it inspires you too.
Cheers and blessings to you and yours,

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