A Simple Act of Gratitude
A Simple Act of Gratitude
A Simple Act of Gratitude

School is wrapping up this week for my high schoolers. What a year and it went so fast! Did yours go as fast as ours? I’m sure it did!

There were some struggles throughout this year in terms of teachers, tough classes, failures mixed among the wins. Overall, it was a success because we have  a freshman moving onto his next year, a new High School graduate and our oldest finished  her first year in college very successfully, I might add.

I believe that every new opportunity we embrace is going to be tough, as it should be. If it was easy, everyone would do it right? Challenging classes and teachers help mold our kids into stronger human beings. If we teach them to expect challenges, they’ll be better prepared for what’s to come.

At the beginning of the year, my daughter took AP Calculus. It proved to be a daunting class. She struggled and had to humble herself to the fact that tutors could be her friends. She saw getting help as a negative, but in reality, the most successful people in life reach out for help. They know they can’t do it all themselves and its completely OK if they “just don’t get it”. We will never know everything, nor should we try.

I always encourage my kids to show up in the world, each day, giving it their best. We tend to hear people say “Have a great day.”  But I once heard someone say, “Give the day a great you!” which means walk through each day with integrity and great effort. I love that, don’t you?

When you realize your goals were accomplished, such as finishing another school year, I also think it’s important to show your gratitude to those that helped you along the way. I gave Samantha the task of creating some thank you cards, for her LifeTeen leaders, that we could attach to treat bags. She did such a great job that I took those and created a few more.

Those simple act of gratitude cards are now available to you as well!

Think of who helped you and your children this year. Teachers, bus drivers, care givers, tutors, counselors, faith leaders, etc.  Don’t limit yourself to how many thanks you can give.

These cards can be used throughout the year for anyone. The power of a “thank you” creates a beautiful and dramatic impact in how we relate to others. Children are quick to pick up on the trend of saying “thank you”, if it’s taught. It is especially important that teens continue on with that practice because it helps shape them into grateful adults. It’s a life skill.

Feel free to download these gratitude cards and use them in any way you see fit to share.

Below are photos of the cards and how we put them together for thank you gifts.


What you’ll need:

Printer to download and print Gratitude Cards

Scissors or paper cutter

Washi tape

Hole punch

Treat bags

Treats: Dove chocolates or your choice

Ribbon: tulle, curling  or satin ribbon, raffia, your choice

Print and cut out cards.

Add washi tape to tops of cards, covering the hole to punch, for extra strength.

Fill treat bags with your favorite item.

Add cards to the bags by tieing ribbon through the hold of the card.


To access the Gratitude Cards, downoad here .

I hope you are able to use these a lot! It’s important to recognize people who make an impact in your life. If we raise our childrent to be thoughtful and empathetic people, they’ll touch lives in great ways…even it’s it with a smile, a kind word and a little piece of chocolate.

I’d like to thank all of you who read these posts. I am honored and grateful that we are together to share, create and enjoy life….always with a little chocolate!

If you’ld like to read more on my Number 1 Reason Why To Write Thank You Notes, click here

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What are you favorite ways to say thank you to others?

Cheers to you and all those you are celebrating!

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