4 Reasons Why People Won’t Hire an Interior Designer
4 Reasons Why People Won’t Hire an Interior Designer
4 Reasons Why People Won’t Hire an Interior Designer

I posed a question to a select number of friends and what I found was interesting and surprising.

I was curious…

What was their number one reason for NOT hiring an Interior Designer?

Here are some of the responses I received:

“The only negative working with a designer, other than cost, is that some come with a fixed aesthetic and/or material sources. I need one who can be flexible in his/her vision and agile enough to satisfy my aesthetic too. Also, many designers have a narrow field of suppliers and craftsmen, which can get stale.

I have had a very negative experience with a designer, who was very dominating and pushy and unwilling to work with some of what we already had.

In a more recent experience, a local designer demonstrated flexibility, decisiveness and patience. She also worked to provide quality materials at reasonable prices, though, traveling to High Point with her on several occasions felt repetitive given that we tended toward her more familiar suppliers.

I think a decorator is somewhat imperative for serious jobs as they provide fresh, yet experienced eyes, the latest and most enduring trends, access to supplies most of us would not have and the emotional support to get the job done. “  Lynne W

“It’s a matter of time for me. Fitting it in with their schedule and mine. I want it reasonably priced. And I want a designer that’s not afraid to shop at Home Goods and cheap places. I hate bringing someone in my chaotic house but have gotten over that more and more as the chaos increases.

And design time needs to incur reasonable fees. We aren’t talking about a doctor visit here.

I’ve liked the designers I’ve hired but now I look to Houzz as well. “ Melissa M

“Cost would prohibit me from hiring a designer…not so much the designer’s fees, but I’d be concerned at the cost of furniture, decor, etc., that they would recommend.” Amy S

“Definitely cost.  I would love to have a designer, but there is no way i could afford it or justify it with all other expenses that I have.” Laurie C

“I do worry about the cost because I fear they will want to get rid of everything (even the stuff I like) and start all over. Ideally I just want to make some easy changes (paint, fabric) and a few purchases.

I’ve hired one in the past and had a bad experience because she didn’t listen to/care about MY taste. She didn’t look around my house to see my preferred style (if u can even call it that!) First, she walked around for an hour and then met me the following time with a jute rug (which I specifically said I didn’t want because I still had a crawling baby) and fabrics with monkeys and palm trees. I like a traditional house. Monkeys and palm trees are what SHE liked.

I’ve also used one that I love. She does none of those things I mentioned above.“ Cate R

Several also mentioned that they were self conscious about their homes and didn’t want a designer to see the inside.  This is the one that surprised me most, quite honestly.

To sum it up…

The four main reasons they didn’t want to hire a designer or decorator were:

  • Cost (design, furnishings or a combo of both)
  • Embarrassment (on the homeowner’s end)
  • Busy schedules (and the time it takes to get a job done)
  • Pushiness and an unwillingness to listen to the client’s needs/wants

Some people really do want help but they don’t know where to start. And others just had bad experiences.

If you are unsure of working with a design prossesional, consider these reasons for NOT doing so.

Don’t contact a designer if…

  1. You want to do it all yourself.
  2. You don’t have a specified budget.
  3. You’re not ready to make the investment in your home and lifestyle.
  4. You’re not open to new ideas. A designer who only agrees with your thoughts may not be the best fit for you. Think “no” to the “yes wo-man”.

Next week, I’ll share some thoughts on why you might want to consider working with a design professional. With Pinterest and Houzz, many people believe they can take on their own projects. If you are a do-it-yourselfer…you can definitely pull it off and I love seeing what people accomplish.

There are others who “pin” their ideas like crazy and never make any progress. Their “wishing” for something but it never becomes a reality. I’ll share how those wishes can come true (next week).

Till then remember this truth…

All Great Moms, Messy homes, Happy Kids,


Any additional comments or thoughts on the above? Please share below! I’d love to hear about your experiences.

By the way, I do have LOTS of ideas that I PIN like crazy so if you want to connect on Pinterest, come over and see what inspires me! Pinterest

Cheers to you and your home!

Lisa Jennett Wood


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