8 Must Have Garden Products
8 Must Have Garden Products
8 Must Have Garden Products

I saw this first item and was struck with the thought… genius!

I love how innovation creates changes to products we’ve used for-evah and and needs for those products we wonder how we ever lived without.

I’ve gathered eight items that will help and inspire you to get outside more, get a little dirty and embrace your garden. I hope.


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8 Garden Product Must Haves


Allsop Home and Garden WheelEasy Folding Yard Cart/Ground Load Wheelbarrow, Lightweight with 350 lbs Capacity, Ultra-Thick Vinyl-Coated Nylon, Large 12.5" Pneumatic Tire

Allsop Home and Garden WheelEasy Folding Yard Cart

When I saw the video showing how this is used, I knew I had to share it with you! Do you rake leaves or grasses? Do you move rocks? Do you move items that you wish were easier to move?

I know I do!

They crazy wheelbarrow/cart collapses for easy, ground-level loading and allows you to rake, shovel, or slide material into the vinyl bed carrying area. 

So smart!

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Weed rug garden mat

Weed Rug Garden Mat

These mats are perfect to use in raised beds or planters to help prevent weeds from growing. You could cut them to fit as well.



This Handy Camel bag clip can carry those oh-so heavy bags of mulch, dog food, ice melt, potting soil.

Why didn’t I think of this. It’s a large “chip clip”!


This picture was the best I could find. If you’re in hot climates...you’re welcome. Hope is coming. If you never see snow and are loving summer…just go with it. 😉

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Galvanized Drawer Planters

Galvanized Drawer Planters

These cute drawers can be used inside or outside. I love the neutral finish.

Think rustic, farmhouse, industrial, boho, country, casual, eclectic… fun!

Long Pro Rose Pruning Gardening Gloves

How about some elegant garden gloves? Wouldn’t you feel so fancy in these?

What I love about them is the leather, fun print and the fact that they can protect your arms when you go in to prune rose bushes, trees, etc.

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Boot Brush Hedgehog

Boot Brush – Hedgehog

I bought a boot brush years ago and set it outside our kitchen door. I can’t tell you how often we used this.

When you have this sitting there to use, your crew will use it. It gives off a subliminal message saying “brush me with your shoe“…really.

This one is antique brown cast iron with coconut fiber brush and will last for years to come in any weather. And he’s cute!

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Weatherproof Outdoor LED String Lights

Weatherproof Outdoor LED String Lights

We love the look of these lights. They are everywhere! Pay attention to the restaurants and outdoor patios you pass by. 
We recently installed these at my mom’s home to light up her patio. We did have an electrician add an outdoor outlet near the eves of the patio so the cord will not hang down. The placement of it worked perfectly. Plus it ended up being very economical compared to hard wiring and purchasing an outdoor fixture or chandelier into the area.
Your guests will love the nostalgic glow. They are perfect for a patio, deck, porch, garden, gazebo or pergola lighting when celebrating life or just the end of the day.
 Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glass Tumbler

Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glass Tumbler

When your day is done and you need to kick back under the beautiful lights you just installed, you might want to enjoy…
  • a glass of vino
  • a cocktail
  • a cup of tea
  • an ice cream sundae

A perfect ending to all your hard work. Yes, you deserve it! 😉


Your turn


Which product is your fave?

Do you have a favorite garden product that you’d like to share?


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Remember to embrace each day.

Live. Love. Laugh. Matter.

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