The College Planner

Summer is winding down and schools are getting ready to start. After a busy summer of travel we are back with some very exciting news to share. And no, I’m not pregnant!

But we did BIRTH something.

Over the past six months, we’ve been working on a tool to help our girls and your kids feel more organized and successful in their college years. When Sydney completed her freshman year, she realized the planner she was using was just not enough. While there are many planners on the market today, we couldn’t find one that was specific to the college market. After much research and many discussions with college focus groups, we decided to create one to help them.

We are so proud to introduce The College Planner™!



This planner is designed with your college student in mind. It’s geared to help them create strong, healthy habits, be more organized, teach them how to plan and set goals, track finances and progress, build relationships, build a strong profile to help them when they start looking for a job, record important event and special memories, etc.



You can see some examples of the pages within the planner here.



We are beta testing the planner this Fall and would love to know if you and your college student would like to help us make this planner the first and most effective planner geared specifically for college students! We know there will be changes and modifications to it which is why we are only testing 50 of them this year. We want to find kids who are willing to invest in this planner to give us honest feedback and help for a national rollout next year.


The cost of the planner is $29 (tax included), plus shipping.

All content is copyrighted.

30 Blush/Grey and 20 Blue/Grey Available

In return for purchasing The College Planner at our special beta price, we request that each student and parent give us feedback on the planner in terms of design, ease of use, prompts within it, etc. Due to the higher cost of printing within the U.S., we had to make some design concessions for this beta planner. The next one will have more features such as a hard cover, metal ring binder, elastic band, bookmark, etc.

If you are interested in purchasing The College Planner, please call or email me. The planner will be ready for shipment by August 15th. You can reach me at 828-273-9939 or [email protected].

Note: we do not yet have an online shopping cart set up, so please contact me directly.

We only have 50 available at this time, so please decide quickly. We’ve had a lot of interest already, and feedback has been extremely favorable!

If you know of a friend that would like to test it out, please do share this private link with them.

We know this will be a huge success and we look forward to having you become a part of it!

Can’t wait to hear from you!

All my best,

Lisa Jennett Wood