How To Use Antique Doors In Your Home
How To Use Antique Doors In Your Home
How To Use Antique Doors In Your Home

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There’s something about an antique door.


They bring back memories of my grandmother’s homes and our cabin in New Mexico which was built in the 40s and had big, creaky screen doors that allowed the fabulous mountain breeze to enter into our living room.

The details and style of antique doors are unique and can make a great statement in a new or remodeled home. They add a special touch to a an entrance whether used for a pantry, powder bath, closet, bedroom or master bathroom.

Many people are used to having all their doors and windows “match”, but if you like to show your personality, consider doing something a little different and use an antique door or doors somewhere in your home.

One easy way to incorporate old doors is to use barn door hardware. This allows you to easily mount the door to the wall without having to worry so much about the exact size of the existing doorway.

Here’s a link to see different options of barn door/sliding hardware on Amazon: Click here

Another option is to make the hardware from pipe. Kristi at Addicted 2 Decorating gives a great tutorial here.




I love this thought…

the door handle is the handshake to your home.Click To Tweet

How can you welcome yourself, your family and or/your guests into space?

Let’s take a look at these ideas and get inspired.


Antique Screen Doors



Antique Pantry Door

Antique Pantry Door

I love the Gothic style glass window panes at the top.



Antique Doors

These could have been screen doors. If not, they probably had glass in them which was removed and replaced with screen material. I love how they added handy shelf units on the backside of each door to hold spices and condiments. Great use of space, don’t you think?



These could be antique doors or even sidelights. Either way, they definitely make a great architectural statement!



Antique Door

Great used of a beautiful door for a kitchen pantry.



Antique Door

Another idea for a kitchen pantry door, with stenciled glass.



Antique Door

To hide the interior of theĀ  closet, they added fabric on the backside of this door. You could also treat the glass panes with Rustoleum Spray Frost, etching, or antique mirror.





Now this kitchen pantry door is incredibly unique with the wood carved details! I love the distressed finish and how the shade blends beautifully with the wall color.



Antique Door

Another unique door… the details on this…



Antique Louvered Doors

A pair of doors used on a closet.



Antique Doors

With the glass panes, when closed, still allow all this gorgeous light to flow through.



Antique Doors

You know…they just don’t make them like these anymore! I love the character of these doors.



Antique Doors


Whether functional or not, think about how you can bring in architectural beauty to your home with a door or two. Look also at old shutters or vintage Indian shutters; these bring a ton of character to a space.

If you choose to use an antique door, make sure you have someone to help you fit it to your opening.

Know the size of your current door and which side the hinges are on.

An antique door may not be standard in size; therefore, it might need to be cut down or added to to make it fit just right. If you fall in love with a door and it won’t fit within the existing door jamb, get help from a skilled carpenter to adjust the door opening to make it fit perfectly. It’ll require an investment of time and money, but I do think in the end…it’ll be so worth it!

Where can you find antique doors?

  • Antique stores
  • Salvage stores
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Ebay
  • Craigslist
  • Old Good Things
  • Yard sales…etc.


Now to you…


Which door/image do you like best?

Would you like to add this type of character to your home? If so, where?

As always, please comment below and share this post to your Pinterest page, or with friends.

I hope these inspired you as much as they did me. I’ll be adding a trip to my local antique stores soon just to keep a lookout for a fun option.

Cheers to you and your beautiful home!

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