11 Ways To Cozy Up Your Home
11 Ways To Cozy Up Your Home
11 Ways To Cozy Up Your Home

The cooler temps are tempting us!

I don’t know about you but our weather is interesting. One day you need a jacket or sweater, and the next day you’re in a T-shirt and shorts.

My family in Texas is swinging from the 40s to the 90s in the span of days, while my son continues to insist on shorts for practice out on the lake. His rowing coaches are taking bets as to when he’ll finally switch to pants; so far he’s winning.

Here in the mountains this past weekend the weather was abolultely gorgeous. We chose to go on a hike to take advantage of the 60 degree temps along with the amazing colors! I’m so glad we did because the radio announcers said we hit our “peak” in terms of fall color.

As our “peak of color” starts to fade and the days will eventually turn colder,  this time of year continues to welcome many more cozy days of Fall.




Here are three fun facts about Fall that you might not know:

  1. Yellow, orange and all the colored variations you see in the leaves are always present; they are simply overpowered by the abundance of chlorophyll which causes them to be green when the sun shines the most. When the days grow shorter, less chlorophyll is found and the colors begin to show through.
  2. Red and purple leaves are caused by sap sugars trapped inside the leaves.
  3. More babies are conceived during the fall and winter due to higher testosterone levels. The cause is really unknown but it could be due to shorter days and longer nights, ancient mating rituals or the romantic glow of the fire while enjoying a great bottle of wine.

Now that we’re all tad bit smarter…let’s see how we can cozy up your home in case #3 is in your cards.

I searched for and found 11 ways to help you.





I love dining outside especially when you don’t have to deal with humidity or freezing weather. Take advantage of these days and simply add a few throws to your guests chairs as you continue to enjoy dining al fresco. Add a few twinkle lights, candles and a heat source if necessary.

We have a chiminea which is probably more for looks than anything. When the fire is lit, the ambiance is definitely enhanced.  (Remember…fact #3)

HGTV green home 2012, cozy patio, cozy fall decor

HGTV Green Home 2012: Cozy Patio




Faux furs are luxurious and so comfy! Don’t you agree? And with so many options today, you can find one in just about any price point.

As the temps cool down, layer a throw over any daybed, sofa or keep in a large basket near you. You’ll add tremendous style and comfort to any room.


camilla styles, faux fur, cozy fall decor, cozy nursery decor

Camilla Styles: Faux Fur


I love how Camilla layerd in the rustic tones from the kilim pillows with the throw, all on top of a great daybed that is actually in a nursery!

I think I might take over this room for myself. What do you think of it?



Pillows are a simple and easy way to update a room. Buy a few that you can mix and match depending on the season. For Fall, look for natural colors, fall motifs or “quotes”, or seasonal colors such as oranges and reds.

Remember the natural color palette of the leaves (facts #1 & 2).

Have fun with the colors and go with what inspires you.


BHG, cozy fall decor, living room decor, fall living room decor

BHG: Fall Pillows & Accessories




Anytime a fire is lit it screams “pull up a seat.”

You should see the fireplaces at the Grove Park Inn. They are so large you can literally walk into them. One guest was quoted saying, “the fireplaces are bigger than some of my apartments.” I’m not sure where he lived, but that might help give you a good visual.

During the colder temps, the hotel lines up the rocking chairs in a semicircle to take advantage of its beauty and warmth.  It’s truly a must see when you come to Asheville.


House and Home, cozy fall decor, cozy living room

House & Home: Cozy Great Room



While your fireplace may not be as “grand” in size, any fireplace when lit is beautiful. Bring out some extra throws and layer them around the room.

As my good friend Ellen Degeneres says, when you…

“take a nap in a fireplace, you’ll sleep like a log”.Click To Tweet

Don’t take her advice.

Sleep elsewhere, but do enjoy a nap and smile at her humor.



A lot of times, we forget about updating our bedrooms. I know I do. These next two photos show you how easy it is again to update with pillows and throws.

Beware! You may need an extra closet by the time you’re done collecting all of your seasonal items, but it’ll be worth it through the years.

In this room, the palette is kept neutral. Wood tones, plaids and a few pillows are all you need to make this white space feel cozy.


BHG, Fall decorating ideas, fall bedroom decor

BHG: Fall Bedroom Decorating



Here they used colors inspired by the leaves. After the leaves fall from the trees, you’ll still be able to enjoy the colors within your home.


BHG, fall bedroom decor, cozy fall updates

BHG: Fall Bedroom Decor




Oh how gorgeous this is!

After all the yard work we did this weekend, I might go back out and gather up the clippings to take advantage of them indoors, especially after seeing this inspiration.


Cozy Entry, Fall Table Decor, BHG

BHG Cozy Entry Table


Mom, if you read this…this would be perfect on your front table!

Here they gathered cuttings from plants to bring the outdoors in. A repurposed serving tray holds a collection of pumpkins and gourds.

KEY TIP: I definitely recommend putting gourds and pumpkins in or on something because I’ve had a couple instances where they started to rot and left a mark. One happended on my wood coffe table which required some refinishing; another happend on a table runner which was much easier to clean.

Who knew?

Now I do, and that’s why I can pass on this tip to you.


If you don’t have a fireplace or your weather is too warm to justify a cozy fire, light some candles! I love the detail and etching on these from Pottery Barn. I’m partial to mercury glass because it glows so beautifully.


Pottery Barn, Mercury candle holders, cozy decor, fall decor

Pottery Barn Mercury Votives


I recently had some girlfriends over and all my candles were lit with music playing in the background as we sipped wine, ate some yummy treats and shared stories and laughs.

Candlelight warms every gathering and every home.

  1. CREATE “COZY” with LIGHTs

Adding some string lights to any room ups the WOW factor!

My kids love to hang them up during the holidays. This year, I’m gonna recommend we string them this way. Doesn’t this make the room look fun?


String lights, houzz, coxy bedroom, fall decor idea

Houzz: String Lights in Bedroom


Imagine if you used hanging icicle lights this way or created some fun pattern around the chandelier. What ever style you choose, consider the shape of the bulb to help give it interest.

I’ll definitely be playing with this idea more in our home.



I love this by Joanna Gaines. Acutally, I love all the rooms she designs.

The simple takeaway here is to add firewood to your fireplace. Whether you stack in a basket or on the hearth, wood adds a natural warmth to the space.

And it definitely says “I’m gonna get burned one day soon” which could all lead to fact #3… again.

Magnolia, lorelie rugs, cozy fall decor, cozy living room decor

Wood at Fireplace




OK, now I’m going to share an idea that might blow your mind, especially if you like things neat and tidy. The warmth in this mudroom comes from the fact that jackets and boots are left out (on purpose), along with the throw and basket.

KEY TIP: Don’t put everything way.

Instead “display” your favorite cool weather gear to warm up your entry or mudroom.


NE Home, cozy mudroom, cozy fall decor, mudroom decor

New England Home: Cozy Mudroom



You now have total approval and so do your kids to leave their Fall gear out. If feel like you want to maintain some “design control”, make sure the gear that’s visible coordinates with your fall color scheme. wink wink



I’m not a huge seasonal decorator until it comes to Christmas. What l love about this kitchen is that they kept it simple. They brought in cuttings from the outdoors and put them in a beautiful pitcher.

NE Home, cozy kitchen, fall decor

New England Home: Cozy Kitchen


Gladiolas as seen in this photo are typically available in grocery stores and are very reasonable in price. You’ll want to buy 2-3 bunches to get the fullness like this photo shares.

If you don’t yet have a pitcher, go find one that you can use for entertaining and decorating to make it work double duty.



What idea is your favorite?


Have you ever been a statistic to Fact #3?

Here’s a little cheat sheet in case you need to count the months…

November | December | January | February | March | April | May

June | July | August | September | October | November


I am a statistic of Fact #3. Our oldest daughter, Sydney, is a November baby. When you trace her birth back, we definitely fall into the winter months stats. I can’t recall if we had a fire that started that moment or not, but I’ll just dream back and say we did.


You've been warned. More babies are conceived during the fall and winter. Make great choices! 🙂Click To Tweet


Please share this post with your friends who might love some inspiration to cozy up their home or PIN IT to remember. You can also warn them about Fact #3 if you feel the need. 🙂

Do comment below as I love to chat with you all and hear your stories.

Cheers to you and yours!

Lisa Jennett Wood

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