Home Decor Holiday Gift Guide 2017
Home Decor Holiday Gift Guide 2017
Home Decor Holiday Gift Guide 2017

There are so many amazing options and opportunities all around us!

Some good.

Some odd.

And some that we will definitely pass on.

As the Christmas season unfolds, we are bombared with catalogs and ads focused on finding and giving the perfect gift to give someone we love, admire or simply want to say “thank you” to.

It can be a bit overwhelming, don’t you agree?

And the whole Black Friday thing is a bit nuts!

I went one time and that was enough. The crowds and rush of it all was unappealing to me. I do think others love the rush of that “experience” and it might even be a “tradition” for them, but with the internet and Amazon things are changing.

No matter how you choose to shop, did you know there is a “psychology” to giving gifts?

Yep, there is and my buddy Andy Lutrell shares 3 gift-giving tips with you in this video.

(In all honesty, Andy doesn’t know who I am but I do like what he shares. And if we had the chance to meet, I’m sure we’d be friends. As Will Rogers states…A stranger is just a friend I haven’t met yet.”)



3 Tips of Gift Giving:

  1. Ask the person you’d like to give a gift to what they want.
  2. Giver focused gifts are more special so share a part of “you” in the gift you give.
  3. Regifting is OK (really…it is)




There is defintitely an art to giving.

When you sit back and think about gifts you’ve received in the past, which ones stand out to you most? I bet they are the ones with the most thought behind them.

For me, one of my most favorite gifts came from my husband. Several years ago, we made a pact that the gifts we gave one another had to be hand made.

The week before Christmas, I traveled to my brother’s home in PA. My sister-in-law was recovering from back surgery and I went there to try and help her and their kids while Sean worked.

During that week, I researched ideas and put together a gift for my husband that had meaning, thought and was one that could “keep giving” for years to come.

I made a “sign” that I can write thoughts of gratitude on to him. It’s our personal message board for one another and while it’s not updated daily…thoughts of gratitude, encouragement and love are written and expressed.

The gift he gave to me that year…I treasure!

He really blew me away with this one. He cut a “L” out of foam core, which is about 3′ tall, and then covered it with photos of our life, our children and our family. I have it hanging over my desk an I look at it daily.

The time and effort he put into this brought tears to my eyes that Christmas morning. It took him hours to print photos and assemble them all, and it’s a gift I’ll forever cherish.

So this season, think hard about the gifts you’ll give.

Consider the person, ask what they want and put your heart into it. It doesn’t have to be expensive, or hand made, but I do think it should be something they can benefit from physically, mentally and or spiritually.

All that deep thought lead me to share our  gorgeous Home Decor Gift Guide.




Recently, I was asked and honored by Morgan McBride at Charleston Crafted to be a part of 11 Designers and Bloggers to help create a Home Decor Gift Guide.

Each of us collected 10 home decor and personal items that we think can add a little more beauty, comfort and joy to your life. It’s a custom shopping experience just for you and I think we have something for everyone on your (adult) list.

Whether you find something to give someone on your list or find something for yourself, we hope you enjoy this beautiful collection of goodies!



Thank you to all my friends who helped make our Home Decor Gift Guide a reality, especially Morgan who put this whole thing together!

Do go check out their blogs!

They all have beautiful inspiration to share.

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And remember…

'The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.' Pierre CorneilleClick To Tweet

(You can tweet that.)


What’s one of your most favorite gifts you’ve received? Comment below I can’t wait to read about it!

Please do share this guide with family and friends.

If you found something in here you’d love to receive, tell them. And make sure they watch Andy’s video. 😉

Here’s to a beautiful and memorable Christmas season. May it be filled with hope, life and love.

Cheers to you!

P.S. Please also let me know what you think of our new logo! I’m so excited to share that with you!

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