Designers Holiday Picks Gift Guide
Designers Holiday Picks Gift Guide
Designers Holiday Picks Gift Guide

I’m honored and excited to have been asked a second time to contribute this holiday season to another gift guide. This is my favorite time of year and I truly LOVE the whole process of finding, selecting and giving gifts to others.

When I was in college, my sister and I became our grandmother’s personal shoppers. We would hit the malls in Dallas to help our Nana find gifts all the grand-kids and her two daughters would love.

We had more fun and always looked forward to the next year. Of course we did stop at Mrs. Fields cookie for a treat after all our hard work was done and to celebrate the season. There’s nothing like shopping as the holiday energy surrounds you with sounds and smells of festive hope.

I still love to shop and my sister hates it…but there was a time when we were both in sync on this. And if it were possible, I’d give anything to be my Nana’s personal shopper again.

This particular gift guide covers things that I think are super cool, that I use and / or that I’m hoping and wishing for.

The other amazing women who are contributing to this guide are doing the same.

As I share my favorite finds here in this post with you, I’ll also give you links to HOP on over to the other blogs to see their gift guides.

Grab your favorite beverage, sit back and enjoy seeing all the fabulous ideas we have in store for you.



Last week in the Home Décor Gift guide I shared a great video on the psychology of gift giving. I think it definitely bears repeating just in case y’all didn’t see it.

My buddy Andy Lutrell shares 3 gift-giving tips with you in this video.

(In all honesty, Andy still doesn’t know who I am but maybe his analytics are picking this up since I’ve shared him twice now. Remember Andy… Will Rogers shared that “a stranger is just a friend I haven’t met yet.”)


3 Tips of Gift Giving:

  1. Ask the person you’d like to give a gift to what they want.
  2. Giver focused gifts are more special so share a part of “you” in the gift you give.
  3. Regifting is OK (really…it is)


To support tip number 3, did you know what we have an annual observance day on the Thursday before Christmas called National Regifting Day ? We do. And based on what I could find, 40-83% of people regift with confidence.  That’s a big swing in percentages but who cares; what’s important is that it’s accepted.

While many people regift items that have never been used, I do think you can regift an item you own if it’s in great condition. Consider a gently used home décor item, game or family treasure.

I do call ixnay on open bottles of lotion, perfume and such. I say that because we have witnessed a friend receive a half bottle of lotion before. The giver was so proud and the recipient was more puzzled by their well-intended thoughtful(less)ness.

Some days you just wanna go Hmmmmmm…




I came across these and thought they’d be fun to share. I only grabbed just a few.

  1. Walking, rather than driving, to the store decreases the chance of impulse buying by 44%. (If you choose this option, you’ll get your workout in and save a few bucks.)
  2. Those who use their smart phones to holiday shop tend to spend more than those who don’t use their phones.  (Put the phone DOWN!)
  3. U.S. consumers spend about nearly $5 billion a year on Christmas gifts for their pets. (Lucky dogs and kitties.)
  4. The average American shopper will spend about $1000 for Christmas gifts.  (And each year it goes up.)
  5. Nearly 40% of Americans begin their holiday shopping before Halloween. (Personally, I tend to start even earlier especially if something is on sale and it reminds me of the person I want to give it to.)



As people get smarter and savvier in their research for the perfect gift, gift guides come in handy. You can find a gift guide for almost every interest, type of person, and/or demographic. To find one, all you have to do is Google it.

Simply put, gift guides are a helpful tool.

Personally, I get a lot of joy in putting a guide together because I love finding ideas for people and I love shopping…especially with other people’s money.




Now that  you are armed with gift giving tips and fun/useless facts…let get to the inspiration I found to share.

Please note that if you purchase one of these products, we’ll receive a small commission which helps pay for our website. There is no additional cost to you. It’s just a way for the company to say “thanks for sharing us with your friends”.


  1. Designer Holiday Picks Gift Guide 2017

    Designer Holiday Picks Gift Guide 2017

    Artful Notepad  /  2. Lands Downunder Throw  /  3. Patio Heater 

4.  The Hollywood Commandments  /  5.  Crocodile  Roller  

6.  Whisky|Rum Coffee Bean Set


1 Note Pad

Who doesn’t love a great notepad? I found this talented artist and fell in love with her watercolors. Giving the gift of a notepad  like this shows great taste, thought and practicality. And it makes the receiver look good too especially if they share a note with someone they know.

BONUS…this is a very affordable item to give to a friend, teacher, hair dresser, stylist, anyone on your list.

Click here for more info.



2. Lands Downunder Throw

All rooms in your home can use a great blanket or throw. I love this Lands Downunder Throw because of their colors, softness and patterns. They are so versatile, easy to care for, as soft as cashmere,  and are the perfect layer when the evenings get chilly. Plus they just look good layered over a chair or stored in a basket.

Click here for more info.



3. Patio Heater

I think all homes can use a patio heater especially if you like to enjoy the outdoors. The heaters make your oudoor spaces usable when the weather gets chilly. I like this model because it come with a table  you can rest a drink or snack on, and it’s easy to move around.

Home are places to make

Click here for more info.



4. The Hollywood Commandments

Recently, I came across a fabulous interview with DeVon Franklin and Kelsey Humphries. His story really resonated with me and I truly felt his passion for life. When he spoke of his book I knew I had to add it to my library.

I’m currently reading it and I had to share it with you.

If you are working in the secular world while building your relationship with God, you’ll want to hear DeVon’s message. It’s eye-opening, comforting and it will give you great peace as you work toward your dreams & goals.

The Hollywood Commandments: A Spiritual Guide to Secular Success

“New York Times bestselling author DeVon Franklin knows this to be true. In The Hollywood Commandments, the prominent Hollywood producer and spiritual success coach reveals 10 life-changing lessons picked-up from his over-twenty-year career in the entertainment business. You won’t learn these lessons in the church yet they will help you achieve an amazing life and thriving career that glorifies God. The Hollywood Commandments will help you:

  • Identify how to use what makes you unique to propel your career.
  • Overcome fear and build the courage to pursue new opportunities waiting for you.
  • Gain the confidence to make important life decisions with greater peace and clarity.
  • Negotiate the life and career advancement you deserve.”

Click here for more info.


5. Crocodile Roller

I learned about this Crocodile Skin Paint and Plaster roller at one of my favorite resale shops here in Asheville. I was so impressed with how a dresser looked after it’s transformation that I had to buy one to try it myself. I’m currently upcycling an end table that I purchased at a garage sale and will share the results when I’m done. It’s looking pretty snazzy so far!

This is a great tool for anyone who likes to DIY furniture and or walls. You can use it with venetian plaster, metallic paint or glaze to create unique crocodile skin textures. It’s super simple to use and the impact is stunning.

Click here for more info.



6. For the Coffee Lover

When quality coffee beans are paired with Sons Of Liberty’s award winning whiskey and Thomas Tew Rum, you know you’ve got a very special treat! Each bag is the work of an artisan roaster. Whiskey and Coffee drinking blogs around the world sing their praise as well.

This boxed gift set comes with 3 Barrel Aged Coffee flavors: Stout Whiskey, Rye Whiskey, and Rum barrel aged coffee

Click here for more info.




For more fun finds, be sure to see what our other amazing designers are sharing as their favorite finds. Don’t be shy about commenting and saying hello.

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Have you ever regifted a gift? If so, what was it and how was it received?

If you were to receive a “re-gift” what would you get excited about?

What gift item on this list intrigues you most?


Please do share this post with others by clicking the floating “social share” buttons. Your shares help us grow and we are forever grateful!

I look forward to hearing what gift items are on your list. If you haven’t yet found the right gifts this holiday season, follow Andy’s tips and you’ll master the process with ease and great joy!

Cheers to you and yours!



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