Simple and Stylish Gift Wrapping Ideas
Simple and Stylish Gift Wrapping Ideas
Simple and Stylish Gift Wrapping Ideas

What do you think when someone hands you a beautifully wrapped gift?

Personally, I’m touched.

I enjoy seeing a package that’s been put together with thought and attention. It’s almost as great as the gift inside.

Gift wrapping started in ancient China in the 2nd century BC when paper was invented. While it was more simple in nature back then, today we have thousands of options from paper to bags to “green gift wrapping”.

No matter how you choose to wrap your gifts, the recipient will always view it more favorably when you put a little effort behind it.

As a designer, I tend to lean toward papers that coordinate with one another when under a Christmas tree or use a “theme” in my wrapping. It’s a visual thing for me. I can’t help it. 😉

Since we’ll be placing many gifts under our trees in a few weeks, I gathered some ideas together that might give you some beautiful inspiration.

You don’t have to be an expert wrapper to pull this off. But if you choose to use some of these simple and stylish gift wrapping ideas, I’m sure your loved ones will be very impressed!

I also think it’s fun to do something a little different than the year before. Don’t you agree?




If you choose to use paper to wrap your gifts, select a one to three papers that will coordinate with one another. Gather your supplies such as sharp scissors, tape, ribbon, tags, pen(s) to write with and any accessories you’ll attach.

You’ll want to have a great work surface to allow you to spread out. Consider a dining table, kitchen island, etc. I find standing is much easier than sitting, but it’s really your preference.

Here’s a great little video from Hallmark that shows how to wrap a box.


Gift Wrapping Ideas


If you want to keep things simple, here are some neutral ideas using red, white, black and plain ole natural craft paper.


Source unknown


Red wrapping paper with twine and “tassels” of pine needles.

Know of a pine tree in your neighborhood? These are so simple to make! If you’d like a tutorial, send me a comment or message and I’ll share one with you.


Gift wrapping ideas

Burkatron: Simple White & Black Paper

White and black paper make a perfect backdrop for  tying natural elements and photos to your packages.

I love the photo idea as it really personalizes each package. You can easily use a photo of one you love, turn it to black and white and then print it out for your package. If you find a photo of your loved one online, save it to your computer and adjust the color to what you want, then print.

Should you need to take a screenshot of the photo(s) you find, use one of my favorite tools called the “snipping tool”. To find this awesome tool, search in your computer programs for it.

I “snip” all the time! It’s kind of addicting.

“Snipping tool” = Microsoft/PC

“Snip” = Mac



gift wrapping ideas

These Four Walls: White and Natural Craft Paper with Greens


Again, here’s use of white and natural craft paper. You can find rolls of each color at Hobby Lobby, along with other craft stores. If you can’t find white paper, look at using a thick printed paper and reverse it.

For the package decorations, Abi stuck with a cute twine and greens.

When using greens, consider how long they’ll be under the tree before you gift them. You could add the fresh cuttings right before gift time. If you prefer to add them sooner than later, eucalyptus and fir tend to dry slower which keeps them looking better over a longer period of time.



gift wrapping ideas

Going Home To Roost: Chalkboard Packaging


I love the simplicity of this chalkboard look. Black craft paper can be found at local craft stores. I have seen it at Hobby Lobby. Here, Bonnie used a white paint pen to craft her personalized to’s and from’s.

Super cute, don’t you think?


gift wrapping ideas

Liebes: Wax Seal on White Paper

White paper, with festive holiday twine and a wax seal. I love this look!

Imagine the oos and ahs you might get when you hand this to someone. I got so inspired with this idea that I pulled a few resources together for you in case it inspires you as well.


How To Make A Wax Seal


The following video will show you how simple it is to make a wax seal. I also found wax sticks and a cute stamp that use can use, along with your glue gun.

Another option to wax sticks are crayons. Crayons are basically the same thing, just packaged a little differently. These are easy to you and the results are fun.

I’m definitely going to do this on my packages this season.


I haven’t yet gone to look at my local stores to see if they carry wax sticks but I did find many options on Amazon.

Side note…If you choose to purchase from the link provided, please know that I might make a little money from it. There is no additional cost to you, rather Amazon sends me a small thank you for sharing. All affiliate commissions earned help us offset the costs of our website.

wax sticks, glue gun sticks, gift wrappin ideas

Wax Stick Colors

wax sticks, glue gun sticks, gift wrapping ideas

Red Wine Wax Sticks

Click here for Red wine Wax Sticks


wax seal, gift wrapping ideas

Snowflake Wax Seal


Click here for Snowflake Wax Seal 


Now to you…


Do you have a theme to your gift wrapping this year? If so, do comment below.

Please be sure to share this blog post with your friends via email or social media. Each share helps us grow! And we thank you for that in advance.

I can’t wait to hear your gift wrapping inspiration. If you wrap your packages and want to share with us, upload a photo to our Facebook page Stylish Home Ideas

Cheers to you and yours!



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