Unique Bookshelves That Will Add Style To Your Home
Unique Bookshelves That Will Add Style To Your Home
Unique Bookshelves That Will Add Style To Your Home

It’s said that life is like a book. Some chapters are sad; some are funny; some are full of exciting adventures…but if you don’t turn the page, you’ll never know what you miss.

I love books!  Not just for what I gain from a well written word but also for how they add a certain warmth to a space.

I could be considered a “nerd” because I actually feel a little giddy when I walk into a library. And if a home has a library within it, a bit of elegance and sophistication comes to mind.

A sweet friend shared a photo with me the other day on Facebook and this spurred my thoughts to write this post. So thank you Julie. This post is for you!

So let’s take a look at some very fun and creative solutions on how you can add a bit of style and warmth to your home.




Tree Trunk Bookshelf

Tree Trunk Bookshelf



This is made from an actual tree. The bark has been stripped off and the shelves were designed to fit around it perfectly for a corner feature.

With the way the shelves are, it could also double as an end table if positioned at the right height. Nestle two chairs on either side, add some cool light fixtures and you’ve got a great little reading nook.

Malagana Design bookshelf

Malagana Design bookshelf


These modern and fun shelves were designed by Alejandro Gomez Stubbs, a Colombian-born emerging designer.  I love how he took a square and tilted it on end to give a fun sense of play. It’s as if they were being balanced on a plate.

I can see multiples of these grouped together on a big wall, or simply one alone in the perfectly sized space. With a style like this, I’d consider using odd numbers of the shelf units to make it more interesting.

Table Bookshelf

Table Bookshelf


Again, here’s a square with fun angels within.

I can see this as a great DIY project  which could be made into any size.

  • A long console that doubles as a buffet table or bar area.
  • End tables or maybe an entry table.
  • Painted, stained or made from acrylic.
  • The options are endless.


DIY Framed bookshelves

DIY Framed Bookshelves


Here’s another great idea for a DIY project. Find some vintage frames at a thrift store or flea market. Build a shadow box at the desired depth and attach the frame to the front. You could also create your own trim/frame to match or have frames made to your specific requirements, should you choose to invest more into them.

Overall, I love the look! What do you think?

Ki Nassauer FleaMarket bookshelves

Ki Nassauer FleaMarket Bookshelves


How fun are these!

Ki Nassauer, editor-in-chief of Fleamarket Style magazine and founder of JunkMarket, is known as the “The Martha Stewart of Junk.” Here she repurposed old vintage suitcases into shelves. What a fun and surprising use of what some might think just an ordinary travel bag.



Staircase Bookshelf Apartment Therapy

Staircase Bookshelf


Nooks and crannies are perfect for building and recessing shelves. The underside of stairs is typically unused space. I love how they combined traditional and modern elements into this design. The colorful books add a punch of color, fun and warmth to what could be a cold, white space.

Tree bookshelf

Tree Bookshelf


This is the bookshelf that Julie shared with me. How fun is this “tree”? It’s a true tree of knowledge! The source found for this design was on Etsy.

Again, if you care to DIY this, I found another “tree” with a great tutorial. Patrick is a very talented guy who loves to build things and share his knowhow.

DIY Tree Bookshelf

DIY Tree Bookshelf

DIY Instructions


Attic Wall Bookshelf

Attic Wall Bookshelf


This attic wall makes me giddy…just like I mentioned at the beginning of this piece.

While you’d definitely need a ladder to reach the top, or maybe a climbing rope mounted from the highest point of the ceiling, this wall of shelves creates a statement! I love how they took advantage of the angles and didn’t play small here. The warmth and color it brings to an otherwise neutral space is beautiful.

Jess and Sinclair Breen DIY Bookshelf

Jess and Sinclair Breen DIY Bookshelf


This is fun!

Look at what one couple came up with for a design challenge.  Jessica and Sinclair Breen built this for their children with the hopes of getting on a popular design reality show in Australia. When they posted what they built, it went viral. And I can totally see why!

When I shared it on my facebook page , my friend Julie sent me the “tree”. I soon decided to share this fun and gorgeous inspiration with all of you!

I was able to virtually interview Jess about her bookshelf creation. I love social media for connections!

Here’s what she shared…


L: What inspired you to enter the competition?

Jess: There is a reality television show here in Australia called The Block. The Block calls for 5 couples to renovate houses/units and then they walk away with the above reserve bid at auction. Sinclair and I have been told by our friends for years that we should audition for the show mainly because of our personalities, but since we just built our new house, we thought we’d give it an actual shot this time. We don’t get to audition for it till the end of the year, but have a campaign FB page to build up a bit of a fan base before hand.

Lisa: How’d you come up with the idea and the design?

Jess: I found a picture of a similar bookcase on Google and held onto it for about 5 years. I always knew that I’d eventually have the space to build it, so when we drew up the plans for our house build, we included a library wall big enough to hold the bookcase.

The design was tricky to figure out exact measurements. One of the graphics teachers at the high school where I work was able to help me figure out the exact measurements of the panels from the photo I showed him.

Lisa: How’d you choose the material?

Jess: We used white melamine MDF panels for strength and neatness. We had them precut from a cabinetry manufacturer to ensure each pane was perfectly straight, accurate and neatly cut. Holes were pre-drilled in the correct positions so it would save time and avoid any mistakes that might have been made had we done that part ourselves.

Lisa: What do your kids think of the bookshelf and is this used often in your home?

Jess: The boys love the bookshelf! Their books are now all in the same place and easily accessible. Each night, they pick out a book for their bedtime story, so yeah, the bookcase gets used regularly. It’s also in a very prominent position in our house, so it’s seen every single day too.

Lisa: What would you say to a homeowner who sees an idea they like but doesn’t know how to make it a reality?

Jess: Don’t give up hope. Like my bookcase, I sat on the image for about 5 years, and when the time came, I asked for advice and help and the brainstorming gave us the ideas on how to make it Reality. I’ve also heard from reading comments on the posts of my bookcase that there are instructions for how to do it on Google. If there’s a will, there’s a way.

To see more photos of Jess and Sinclair’s bookshelf and home, click here.




Books provide not only knowledge and entertainment but also great beauty to a home.  Two of my kids love books as much as I do when it comes to decorating, maybe because we read to them nightly when they were little. Up until high school, all three were great readers. My son was especially voracious at a young age loving big books by Tom Clancy.

My oldest daughter, Sydney, wants to have a library in her home and if it looked like the one at the Biltmore Estate, she’d be one happy girl.

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So, tell me…

Which is your favorite bookshelf idea from the photos above?

If you don’t have a bookshelf, is there one in your future plans?

Please comment below and share with a book loving friend.

Cheers to you and your home!

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