11 Neutral Area Rugs You’ll LOVE
11 Neutral Area Rugs You’ll LOVE
11 Neutral Area Rugs You’ll LOVE


Edgar Allen Poe, American Poet and Author, was quite thoughtful when it came to interior decorating. He was so thoughtful that he wrote an essay on it called THE PHILOSOPHY OF FURNITURE.

Known for his strange short stories and somber poetry, Poe had a lot to say about the interior of a home. While he critiqued many cultures about their styles, with his wry sense of humor, he definitely had his “ideal room” perfected at least on paper and in his mind.

Ironically, Poe died a very poor man and never lived in his ideal room. To honor his essay, the National Park Service created one for him at the Edgar Allan Poe home located in Philadelphia. They even have a video of it.

In his essay, Poe shared, “A carpet is the soul of the apartment. And a judge at common law may be an ordinary man; a good judge of a carpet must be a genius.”

While I might not agree with all of his philosophy on design, let’s do focus on two important things here. 1. A carpet or rug can be the “soul of the home” and 2. I must be a genius for what I’m about to share with you.


Carpets and rugs were originally made to cozy up a space, reduce noise and or simply add decoration. Over the years, rugs have become widely available to all home owners because of machines.

Hand knotted rugs are loved and adored with a higher price point.

Machine made rugs are more affordable and offer just as much “style”.

My philosophy when it comes to a home is that…

great design doesn’t have to be expensive.Click To Tweet

You can tweet that!


Here’s a fun fact for you, just because I like to share those kinds of things…

Did you know that in the 17th century, style-conscious and frugal American housewives poured clean sand over a bare floor and swirled it with a broom to create patterns that accented their home? How’s that for an inexpensive update!


Patterns In The Sand



I’m not promoting sand, unless you want to talk about a beach setting and then that requires a margarita. What I do find interesting though is that “sand” is a great neutral color. Those ladies were definitely on trend!




Know your budget.

Different materials range in price from silk, wool, natural fibers or cotton.

Decide what you want to invest in your rug. Machine made will be more affordable than hand knotted.

If you like the look of hand knotted but don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for one, consider looking at flea markets, garage sales and online resale sites. You won’t have the color options as if you buy new, but that can be part of the fun. It’s the thrill of the hunt!

Take the rug home before you make your final decision.

If you are shopping for a rug, ask if you can take the rug home to see it in your personal setting. What you think looks perfect in the store may not be as perfect in your home. My mother once had eight rugs brought to her home before she decided upon “the one”true story.

Measure your room.

Before you start shopping, measure your room and including all your furniture. It’s important to help you get the right size.

Know your materials and your weaves.

How a rug is made will determine how it feels underfoot. Rug experts will be able to explain the differences in style and costs once you enter the store.



When my mom was looking for rugs for her new home, we started out at the Dallas Design market. She was used to quality, one of a kind, oriental rugs and had the fabulous experience of going to market with my grandmother… and now me.

We started our search at Feizy, a company known for gorgeous handmade rugs. They consider rugs to be the “foundation which anchor your rooms together”.

I agree.

My mom fell in love with one of the eight they brought to her home. (Yes 8, because you have to see it your home before you can make a final decision. Tip #2)

While each rug complemented the others in terms of color, she opted to invest in just one for her dining room and wait a while on the rug for the living room due to budget.

For the living room, she decided to select a machine-made rug which led us to search online stores. It took some time and she wasn’t in any rush.

One summer, we ventured into Pottery Barn. I like the quality of their products and I think their pricing is very affordable as well.

We found three to four different rugs that had potential. In order to see them in her space, she had to “buy” them to take them home. Once there, she could make a final decision and return the others. We ended up returning them all.

A couple years go by…again, she wasn’t in any rush.

Then one day as I browsed through their catalog, I saw it! I called her with excitement and she immediately got online to see what I had found. She was intrigued and went to their store soon thereafter. When my mom got the rug home and saw it in her space, it was a “done deal”.

The rug is absolutely perfect in her living room. The neutral colors provided the foundation to anchor it to her dining room, giving her home a spirit of comfort and warmth.

She was so excited when I finally got to see it in person. I was able to capture a photo of her as she laid on the rug rolling around on it with pure joy. It’s the cutest moment in my design career; one I’ll never forget.

Here she is in LOVE with her rug. Thanks Pottery Barn!


Our favorite Lita loving her rug!


BTW…she did give me permission to share this photo with you. I love your spirit mom!



While Poe loved rich dark colors, I love sharing the options of neutrals.

Neutral rugs provide many options to layer in color through artwork, pillows and accessories. If you like to play it safe, rather than live boldly, take a look at some of these gorgeous options.

All of these options are machine made, affordable and very stylish. They will easily fit into a modern, traditional or transitional home.

Do note that some of these links are considered “affiliate links”. Should you choose to purchase one of these, we may earn a small commission which helps offset our website costs. There is no additional charge to you as the buyer rather it’s a small “thank you” from the company to us for sharing their products with you.




Birch Lane Honesdale Rug

Birch Lane Honesdale Rug


“Handwoven in India from Jute and Sisal in a zig-zag pattern, this rug is durable and promises lasting quality over the years. Protect high-traffic areas of the home while adding an earthy flair.”  Birch Lane



Birch Lane Brandt Area Rug

Birch Lane Brandt Area Rug

“Evocative of an antique heirloom, this exquisite area rug instantly adds artful elegance to any ensemble. While its neutral hues of beige and brown beautifully blend into any abode, a distressed Persian-inspired motif effortlessly stands out.” Birch Lane





Pottery Barn Jada Rug

Pottery Barn Jada Rug

“This rug is an excellent choice for high-traffic areas, thanks to the durable polyester fibers that also give it a touch of shimmer.” Pottery Barn


Pottery Barn Zebra Rug

Pottery Barn Zebra Rug

“Skilled artisans use a special printing process to give this wool rug an antique, timeworn look that exhibits beautiful random coloring. The wool pile is cut in varying heights for a hand-knotted look, and a luster wash is added for softness. The result is a rug that’s a unique work of art.” Pottery Barn





Wisteria Jute Bleached Oak Rug

Wisteria Jute Bleached Oak Rug

“It doesn’t get any easier than this all-natural stunner, with a unique hand-braided weave in a sun bleached natural hue. Add it to any space for a does of organic chic.”  Wisteria


Wisteria Jewel Blue Jute Rug

Wisteria Jewel Blue Jute Rug


“A diamond pattern in shades of Indigo, denim, and French blue contrasts with natural jute yarns, creating a dazzling effect on this rustic-look woven jute area rug.” Wisteria




Burke Decor Arvo Abstract Silver & White Area Rug

Burke Decor Arvo Abstract Silver & White Area Rug

“Muted color tones and artistically abstract patterning combine to create the transitional appeal of this power-loomed area rug. Lustrous for a luxe touch, the viscose and polyester blend lends an incredibly soft feel to this sleek white and silver accent.”  Burke Decor


Burke Decor Moonstruck Design by Kate Spade

Burke Decor Moonstruck Design by Kate Spade

This easy-care and stylish rug is a hand-loomed platinum rug in 100 percent wool with a “textural study in geometry”. Burke Decor




Dezignable Modern Cow Hide Rug - Promenade

Dezignable Modern Cow Hide Rug – Promenade

“Hand stitched in India of 100% authentic cowhide, Promenade is a contemporary version of the timeless cowhide rug. The modern collection offers patterns that range in graphic designs with a strong contrast of light and dark hides. And the durable cowhide fiber makes Promenade ideal for your most frequented rooms.” Dezignable


Dezignable Josephine Sand Rug

Dezignable Josephine Sand Rug

“A fresh take on traditional designs, the Josephine Collection earns notice for its right-on-trend color combinations and thoughtful detailing. The soft 100% polyester construction is machine-made in China, ensuring exactness and quality in every piece.” Dezignable


Dezignable Grand Canyon Silver/Grey Faux Cowhide Rug

Dezignable Grand Canyon Silver/Grey Faux Cowhide Rug

“The Grand Canyon is a contemporary rug made in China from woven synthetics. The captivating look and colors are sure to bring a cabin and country living feel to a city dwelling.” Dezignable



What’s your favorite look in this collection of neutral rugs?

Do you prefer neutral or bold colors?

Remember this…when you invest in quality items for your home, you invest in your life. So surround yourself with beautiful things…you’re worth it!

Cheers to your and your home!





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