14 Ways To Tell Your Man “I Love You!”
14 Ways To Tell Your Man “I Love You!”
14 Ways To Tell Your Man “I Love You!”

Tis this season to think about love. I wonder how many men will propose or do something special for the women in their lives.

Valentines has never been a big deal in our home. Over the years, I would get a little special treat for my man and kiddos. And if possible, we’d make a yummy dinner if sports or school didn’t interfere.

Some people go all out though. My sister tends to be a bit more creative on this day than me but it is what is. We can’t master them all right?

In searching for gift ideas, I came across some trivia.


Did you know?


Next week, over a billion dollars will be spent on greeting cards alone, not including chocolate and roses.

Cupid is going to be busy!

The Italian city that was the setting of Romeo and Juliet receives around 1,000 valentines addressed to Juliet each year. Can you name the city?

Valentines Day Trivia, Romeo & Juliet

Answer: Verona

Statistically, a woman who purchases flowers on Valentine’s Day is most likely buying them for herself.

Besides his patronage of couples, love and happy marriages, St. Valentine is also charged with ensuring the sweetness of honey and the protection of beekeepers.

For more trivia click here.

Enough that, let’s get to the gift ideas I found.

14 fun Valentines gift ideas for your favorite man…all under $100!


We all know how hard the men in our life work to provide for their families. It’s nice to treat them with a little romance and fun at this time of year. I look at Valentine’s Day as a reminder of what we should do throughout the year, honoring one another with our love and creative gestures.

Here are 14 fun ways to tell your man how much you love him.

Pick one or go for gold with all of them!


  1. Popcorn and a Movie: Fill this fun bowl with popcorn, your favorite romantic movie and you have an instant date night!
World Market Popcorn Bowl

World Market: Popcorn Bowl

2. Slip into something silky…together! Indulge in a new set of “silky” feeling cotton sheets. Eucalyptus Tencil Sheets

Found at Bed Bath and Beyond. Be sure to take a coupon with you. They never expire!

Bed Bath & Beyond Eucalyptus Sheets

Bed Bath & Beyond: Eucalyptus Sheets

3. Bake him cookies…nothing says I love you like a sweet treat, made by you.

Martha Stewart Valentines Cookies

Martha Stewart: Valentines Cookies

4. My man LOVES toffee!  Milk and Dark Chocolate Toffee Bites 20-pc

Moonstruck Chocolate Toffee

Moonstruck Chocolate Toffee

5. For your beer lover! 12-pc Oregon Craft Brewers Truffle Collection

Moonstruck Chocolate: Craft Brewery

Moonstruck Chocolate: Craft Brewery

6. Write 14 love notes…cut card stock and decorate your notes with stamped images, or use some fun paper like this.


7. For your traveler. Saddle Leather Toiletry Case Add a love note inside that shares a “romantic getaway” you’ve planned.

8. Plan a romantic picnic…check out all these fun ideas.

Picnic Basket Ideas

Picnic Basket Ideas

9. 14 car washes by you, or better yet…your favorite car wash. Then he can take you out in style.

10.  We can all use a little pampering.  CLINIQUE Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel

Sephora: Anti Fatigue Eye Gel

Sephora: Anti Fatigue Eye Gel

11. This says it all. Aesop Breathless Massage Oil

Aesop Breathless Massage Oil

Aesop: Breathless Massage Oil

12. For the man on the go. Carry On Cocktail Kit

Carry on Cocktail Kit

Carry on Cocktail Kit

13. How about his favorite bottle of wine attached to a hand written love note? Forbes gathered 20 of the best reds under $20! Click here.

The Best 20 Red Wines Under $20

Forbes: The Best 20 Red Wines Under $20

14. Food speaks to the heart. Spicy Jerkygram

Man Crates Jerky Grams

Man Crates Jerky Grams


That wraps up the ideas I found.

Life is short. Make each moment count.

Remember, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Even the smallest gift makes a big impact on the heart, especially when it’s been selected and given with love.


To all the husbands out there…we thank you for your love, loyalty and hard work.

We wouldn’t be who we are today without you.


Back to the girls…

After seeing these ideas, what are some of your favorite gifts that you’ve given to your lover?

What have you done in the past that was well received?

What was your most memorable Valentines Day?

Thanks for sharing!

Happy Valentines to you and yours!




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