How To Lose Weight Without Going On A Diet
How To Lose Weight Without Going On A Diet
How To Lose Weight Without Going On A Diet

You can lose hundreds of pounds in a 30 days!

And it won’t suck!

Weight loss is still a hot topic probably because we just celebrated Valentines Day with chocolates. My favorite is dark chocolate anything, in case you are wondering.

I’ve been asked and inspired to share ideas on decluttering, organizing and creating a “clean” look in a home.

This led me to interview my sweet friend Sarah on her best tips for clearing out the stuff you don’t need. You’ll meet her next week. In addition, a recent conversation with another friend made me think…why not reshare this post from last year.

So I am.

Forget the idea of losing 5 pounds, let’s go BIGGER!

Side note: I’d secretly be happy with a personal loss of 5 pounds. Just sayin.

Let’s focus on our homes though because if you lose hundreds of pounds, you’re mind will be clearer. You’ll experience more peace, make some money and do a whole lot of good.


Spring Forward

Spring is around the corner and it’s a time of renewal! Everything springs to life with vibrant colors, beautiful foliage, and buzzing of bees.

While we welcome this season with open arms, yearning for light and airy days, our homes can feel cluttered, heavy and weighted down.  This feeling can remind us of the failed resolutions to make change happen.

If your intentions were to get healthy and feel lighter, you can now shed massive amounts of weight without ever depriving yourself of that delicious blueberry muffin?



Put your house on a diet of course!

There are three simple phases to accomplish this. It can be tiring, painful and exhausting. You’ll have t push through and remember that the end results are worth it.

While I’m great at following a nutrition and fitness program for 30 days (for the most part…with a couple of cheat days mixed in), what if we take that same concept and put it towards our home? For the next 30 days, what if you enrolled your home in a fitness program. In it, you’ll detox your home, slim down and get it into shape.

You can approach this program a couple different ways:

1.  Pick one room at a time and apply each phase.


2.  Start with phase one and work throughout your home, then follow with phase 2 and 3.




Closet photo: Photo courtesy of the Container Store


Most weight loss and nutrition programs will start you off with a  1-3 day detox. Our bodies naturally do this but sometimes they get a bit overloaded. A detox is designed to help you cleanse, slim down and unload…feeling lighter as you move towards your goal.

To prepare your home for the “cleanse”, take an assessment of each room. Start with drawers, cabinets, and closets. Keep what you love and/or has meaning to you. Purge outdated and unwanted items. Separate the latter into things that can be donated and things that need to be tossed.  This can take time so pace yourself and make sure you drink plenty of water.

Key Tip: As with any program, hydration is key no matter what you’re doing. Water, wine, whatever helps you through. Wink! Wink!

I’d do this “cleanse” with my children before Christmas. Knowing we were going to add to their belongings, it was a perfect time to clear out the old toys, clothes, and items that no longer interested them, to donate.  They understood that it’s good to share what they had with others. I was proud to see that none of them had any serious attachments to stuff, because that’s truly what we have. It’s just stuff.

This past fall, I personally got to work on my file drawers. It was time! I started purging papers that I no longer needed. Some had to be shredded while others could go directly in the trash. I think I got rid of about 50 pounds in that one exercise! Not to mention the extra steps I took going back and forth to the recycle bin. Bonus!





Photo courtesy of Investopedia

This is going to require some muscle and clear thinking.

Once the detox is over, pick a room to slim down. When I help clients stage a home or freshen up a room, I like to remove almost everything in it. The only things that stay are what serve a functional purpose in the room. You may find that the furniture you have in the room doesn’t fit properly. If that’s the case, look around your home and see what you can swap it out for.

Once the big pieces are in place, only put back things that you enjoy and help complete the room. If you find yourself stuck, wander into other rooms and “shop” for new items to give the room a new look. Moving things around, that you already own, is the easiest and cheapest way to freshen up a room.

If you find any worn, tattered or broken items, make a clear decision on what to do with them.  My mother had some decorative pillows that were torn and faded. As we were slimming her rooms down,  she decided to let those go rather than try to fix them. If a chair has a broken back, decide if it’s worth the investment to repair it? What if your sofa has springs that lost their “

If a chair has a broken back, decide if it’s worth the investment to repair it? What if your sofa has springs that lost their “sprung”, or the fabric is beyond hope…is that worth your investment to repair and recover it, compared to buying a new one?

I recommend to my clients, if a piece of furniture has meaning to you, make the investment. If not, you can probably replace the dated and broken with something new and more in line with your current style.

If you chose to replace furniture, buy things that will last you for years. Don’t go too trendy with large items.

Once your rooms are paired down, decide what goes to the trash or will be donated. Remember to keep only what you love and clear out the rest. You’ll be amazed at how much you can unload when you put thought and effort into the process. Your home will look lighter and you’ll feel better within it.




Photo courtesy of BHG

Phase 3 is about the finishing touches. Walk through this room as if you were going to buy the home, and see it with a fresh pair of eyes. Clean and touch up all surfaces and walls. Arrange your furniture to give you the best flow. Add in your artwork and accessories. Style your shelves and organize your storage.

Step back and assess your progress. Toast your new home.




Photo couresty of FireflyVintageHome


We all hold onto things. It can be difficult to make change happen in a space when we get comfortable in it. I’ve had so many people tell me how great they feel once we freshened up a room by removing clutter, rearranging items and bringing in fresh new looks. It’s amazing the psychological effect this can have on you.




Here are some key tips to remember as you detox, slim down and get your home in shape.


  1. If you need an objective party to help you purge, ask a friend. And if they say yes, make sure they stay hydrated too.
  2. Need help organizing? There are a lot of great storage resources and items on the market.
  3. If you’re feeling entrepreneurial, host a garage sale and then donate what’s left. Making a little cash is a great way to help you add a few new things back into your home. If you choose this route, here are some great tips. Click Here
  4. Be sure to write down all you donate. Click here for a donation value guide to get the best tax write-off.
  5. Regift, if you can. It’s totally acceptable! Here’s what the experts say.
  6. Walk through like a prospective buyer, or pretend you’re going into a furniture showroom. Notice how the home feels and how it looks.
  7. If you need help staging or refreshing your home, ask.



Getting your home in shape can take time. Like anything, you have to make the decision to do it and commit to the process. Once you do, the end results will have you smiling and wondering why you didn’t do it sooner.


Your turn…


What room or rooms do you need to get in shape?


How can we help you achieve that?


If you’d like to learn what you should replace in your home, and when to do it, read this.

Be sure to watch for next week’s post where I’m interviewing Sarah Mueller, a declutter and organizational expert.

Cheers to your beautiful home!





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