Art Lovers: Meet my Friend Amy Hillenbrand
Art Lovers: Meet my Friend Amy Hillenbrand
Art Lovers: Meet my Friend Amy Hillenbrand


Years ago, I attended a business conference geared toward working in your passion. I had the great pleasure of meeting and befriending Amy Hillenbrand. We sat together during this time and just seemed to “click”. You know what I mean?

Who knew that weekend that I’d later have a blog and get to share her with you!

One thing I love most in life is that I LOVE connecting great people to one another, especially when they have talents worth knowing about.

So let me introduce to my friend Amy!

Amy is a very accomplished and talented artist. She paints in a way that blends modern with realism. Her main subject matter is “flowers” and we all know how flowers can perk up any home!

Amy has a background in interior design as well which allows us to totally connect on this front! Her experience is a great benefit to those who want to commission a piece of hers for their home.

If you don’t really know how to select art for your home, Amy wrote a great article that gives you three simple tips to consider. Size and Shape. Texture.  How it moves you. To read more, click here.

What I love about Amy


What’s not to love. Look at this face!


Artist Amy Hillenbrand

Artist Amy Hillenbrand


When you first meet Amy, you notice how bright she is and her sense of humor will have you laughing in no time! She’s very business minded which helps when it comes to making smart investments, particularly into a home. She understands all things design and has the ability to translate those into a places that bring comfort and joy.

As most artists do, Amy’s theme of painting has evolved. She started with “interiors”, “shoes” and eventually moved into “flowers” and “critters”.

The goal of her work is to create joy for the person who’s looking at it. The colors, composition and “story” within each painting add warmth and comfort to any environment. I love how she plays with shadows and light to really help draw you into to her world; into her story.


Say Ahhhh, Amy Hillenbrand

“Say Ahhhh”


In addition to what I know about Amy, I had to dig a little deeper.

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I do!


What emotions do your clients feel when they seek your art?

As the saying goes, everyone is different. We all have had different life experiences, different struggles and upbringings and, of course, we all have our unique spirits. How my art will impact someone is almost impossible to say. What I would like them to feel is some form of positive emotion such as joy, happiness, up-liftment, peace, serenity, inspiration; any type of high-vibrational emotions.

I want them to feel like their soul had a mini-healing.

Do you paint pet portraits for people?

Yes, I do! The first pet portrait I ever painted was that of my 22 year old cat, kiKy. Months after I finished her portrait, she died. That painting gave me so much comfort and twelve years later “kiKy” still hangs in my house and always will.

It warms my heart so much to be able to give that type of support to someone else.

Personally, I love your “alpaca” paintings. What inspired you to paint them?

I follow the rule; paint what you love. Therefore, my main subject matters are flowers and animals.

During a vacation in Idaho, my husband and I got lost driving on our way to our destination. We found ourselves on a two-lane road that had many Alpaca farms. When we got out the car to get a closer look, a curious Alpaca ran to the fence to get a closer look at us.


Whatcha Lookin At, Amy Hillenbrand

“Whatcha Looking At”


I snapped many photos that day in the rain. The funny little creatures made me smile, so I simply had to paint them. Since then, I’ve learned a lot about the Alpaca, but that’s for another day.

How do you work with people?

When I work with people on pet commissions I first love to have a conversation with them. I ask for many photos of their fury friend. Not every photo makes for a good painting.

For me, light, shadow and composition is so vital in the making of a great painting. For that reason I work together with the client in choosing the perfect photo to work from.

I’ve done many commissions of flowers as well. It’s not uncommon for a client to see a piece I’ve done and ask me to make it larger.


Title Glorious Amy Hillenbrand



What memorable responses have you had to your work?

The most memorable response was during a large art exhibit I did. I vividly remember the beautiful space we were in; a gorgeously restored 110-year old building with tons of natural light.

A woman came around the corner and stopped dead in her tracks. She spent quite a long time staring at my paintings. She told me that the pieces took her breath away. They were so uplifting and they made her feel happy.


Shine Your Light, Amy Hillenbrand

“Shine Your Light”


Name something you love, and why.

I love plants. It is really hard to explain why they bring me so much joy. I remember the beginning of my love affair. I was a little  girl, sick home in bed with the flu. My mom came home from the store with a gift.

She brought me a mini-terrarium. It was love at first site. One year later, I had about 30 plants in my bedroom.

As an adult, I have a yard and home filled with plants. I think a house isn’t a home until it has a kitty and lots of green plants.


Weed me not, Amy Hillenbrand

“Weed Me Not”


Name something you don’t love, and why.

I don’t love brussels sprouts. I know they are all the rage, but I think they taste awful!!

What is your dream project?

My dream project would be when an interior designer calls me up and says “I love your style. I love your work! I love that your art is happy and joy-filled. I’d like you to create a body of work for a boutique hotel I’m working on. We want you to bring your positive vibration  and joy to our project.”

Amy, I hope that comes true very soon for you!

Name three artists you’d like to be compared to.

I’m not sure whom I’d like to be compared to but I have been compared to two artists. Many people have compared me to Georgia O’Keefe. She was known for her large florals. That is such a huge compliment, WOW!


Protect Thine Hear, Amy Hillenbrand

“Protect Think Heart”

Another artist I have been compared to is Norman Rockwell. This comparison was made by an art critic, who also writes copy for professional artists. She said Mr. Rockwell told stories in his work and she said my work also told a story. I loved that. This was also a huge compliment.

What’s your favorite or most inspirational place?

My favorite and inspirational space is in a forest of trees. When I am standing amongst the trees I have this huge sense of euphoria that comes over me. It’s an amazing feeling of peace, serenity and magic.

I can feel my body vibrating and tingling all over. For me there is no other place like it.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?


What wouldn’t you do without?

My loving husband and adorable kiKy.

Psst Over Here, Amy Hillenbrand

“Pssst Over Here”


Amy’s Special Guarantee


I love Amy’s “Happiness guarantee”. If you don’t absolutely love the art you purchase, let Amy know and she’ll refund your money. She knows that art is an investment both financially, emotionally and sometimes spiritually.

Original artwork of this caliber is not for every budget. Should you find yourself falling in love with a piece she’s created, do reach out to Amy because she offers some very affordable options such giclee prints on canvas, prints you can frame, or greeting cards.

Amy Hillendbrand FAQs

Amy Hillendbrand FAQs


To contact Amy and see more of her work you can find her here:

Amy Hillenbrand

Website: Amy Hillenbrand

Facebook: Amy Hillenbrand


I think I house isn’t a home until it has a kitty and lots of green plants.Click To Tweet


Final Thoughts…


Thank you Amy for your generous time and allowing me to share your work. I love what you do and I love your passion for life! Keep creating amazing joy-filled art for your talent truly moves the souls of those who look upon it!


Back to you…

Which painting of Amy’s that I shared do you love the most? Please comment below.

When you look at art, does it inspire you or make you go “hmmmm”?


Till next week, may inspiration and joy fill you daily! If you know a friend that would love to learn about Amy, do share this post. Thank you in advance.

For all you art lovers, check out my other blog post on how to build a gallery wall for your art collection.

Cheers to you and your home!

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