Fall Table Setting Idea Under $10
Fall Table Setting Idea Under  $10
Fall Table Setting Idea Under $10

Last week I failed.

I set a goal for myself that I’d post one blog a week.

I started writing a piece and it just felt wrong. I took a little break and then started to work on this one which felt much more timely and fun.

I had definite writer’s block, or writer’s yuck. Have you ever had that happen?

Due to time and my schedule, I was unable to complete this post for last week. Although it’s a little later than planned, I’m pleased with how it came out both personally and as a share with you.

I hope you find some inspiration and fun ideas for your own Fall table.

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I gave myself a personal challenge of coming up with a Fall table setting under $10. I love challenges, especially the ones that give me the “thrill of the hunt”.

I searched a few spots for inspiration and came up short.

What I did find were three items I paid for that might have totaled about $5.50. The rest of what you’ll see was either FREE (found items) or are items I already own.

Shopping in your own home allows you to really stretch yourself to see what you can put together in new, fun ways.

So here it is…

Fall Table Setting Idea Under $10

Fall Table Setting Idea Under $10



  • Plaid scarf $1.00 – found at a thrift store
  • Herringbone fabric scrap/remnant $1.00 –  found at a thrift store
  • Bag of mini pumpkins $2.98 at Walmart


  • Dried flowers, grasses, acorns and wood for box.

Side note: Don’t ask don’t tell on the dried hydrangea blooms. Just sayin.


  • Plates, silveware, tin chargers, silver chargers, candles, glasses,  S/P shakers



I’m pretty sentimental about this table and chairs. I grew up dining at this table in El Paso, TX. We had amazing dinners around it, game nights, and lots of homework. Memories were made.

I’ll never forget sitting next to a friend of my parents one evening during dinner. He stopped and turned toward me as I was eating, then told me that I needed to put my fork down in between bites. I felt a little strange having a guest in our home tell me what to do. I even looked to my parents with a pleading look of “help?”.

Instead, I quietly and obediently followed his instruction, while our dinner conversation continued.

While I can’t recall his name or face, I won’t ever forget his words. Putting your fork down in between bites is proper etiquette, which I still do most of the time. And I find myself telling my children to do the same thing.



I chose to mix patterns in my napkins since I had two different runners going on. Plus, I like the punch of color the red gives.



Acorns are aplenty around our home. They tie in with the natural grass and flowers I found. Grouping items in odd numbers always makes a display more pleasing. And should your guests be nervous or need something to do with their hands, they can easily play with the acorns as they talk.

The small tin chargers came from my grandmother and although they are showing some rust in spots, I absolutely adore them.



The white china plate with silver rim was found at a garage sale. I have an odd number of dinner plates, dessert and salad plates. Due to their color, they blend in nicely with my other white china which works perfectly when we have a larger number of guests. I got 7 dinner plates, 10 dessert, salad, cups and saucers for only $20. None were chipped and their simplicity is what I love.

The bottom silver charger was also found at a garage sale. I got 8 of them, which added to others I had, for only $5.

All this was previously owned before I challenged myself to create this table setting.



The planter box and dried flowers were FREE.

We made the planter box from a free pallet. We took the pallet apart, cut down some of the wood piecses and sanded it. I left it unfinished for a “swedish style look” which is light in color and shows off the grain beautifully.

The hydrangeas…well let’s just say they too are plentiful around our neighborhood. I only cut ones that people wouldn’t see…that is until the mail lady came driving up to deliver mail. Oops..



The flowers are arranged in simple glass jars I had around the house. I created three separate arrangements and placed them in the box. The vine balls you see are sitting on a couple pieces of wood to give them height and prevent them from falling down into the box.

I painted the mini pumpkins with white acrylic paint, after washing them. Once dry, I added a pearlescent glaze over the white paint to give them a little depth and sheen.

A simple project with great impact.



Last spring, I found the little mercury glass votives on sale at World Market for $1 each. I purchased about 8 of them because I love candles and I love to entertain. Some have a gold finish and others have blush/silver finish. I chose to use the gold ones for this table.

I originally bought the scarf and fabric remnant to make pillows, but I might leave them on my table for a bit longer. What do you think?




I love how all the patterns blend.  Plaids, heringbones mixed with rustic glam elements.

Old + new + vintage + salvaged + nature = one eclectic table.



I received two candles (as seen above) from my father and step mother for Christmas one year. They found them at a church orgininally. When my dad asked about them, the people there showed him how they unscrew to pour the lamp oil in. Therefore, they never burn down.

While I do love a candle as it burns down, these are pretty efficient and can be used almost anywhere. Being that they use oil to fuel the fire, the wicks won’t blow out as easily as normal wicks when a breeze blows in.



Screw off the top, pour in the oil and wa-la! You’re good to go.

I have found that Walmart has a good price on lamp oil, much better than Hobby Lobby. You can find these candles here.



The pumpkins are simply resting on the edge of the box. This one is also leaning up against the vine ball for extra support.



These vintage silver goblets are from my grandmother’s collection. When my kids were younger, I’d polish these up and let them drink in style during our holiday dinners.  They loved the “fanciness” of them while sipping their sparkling apple cider.



And there you have it. A Fall table dressed in a truly collected fashion for under $10.

The only items purchased were the pumpkins, the fabric remnant and scarf. I’ll reuse the last two and make some pillows…or maybe not. We’ll see.

I’m kind of loving this right now.

And remember…

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What’s your favorite way to dress your table for Fall?

We’d love to hear your ideas!

Cheers to you and your home!

Lisa Jennett Wood

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