FREE Home Project Planner
FREE Home Project Planner
FREE Home Project Planner

As an Interior Designer, I get asked all sorts of questions about design. Some are simple in nature, like “What color should I paint my walls?”; others are more complicated like “How should I remodel my kitchen?” Some ideas are worth pursuing; others are not.

One day, a friend excitedly told me their plans to add a loft to their living space. While I understood the “desire” behind it, it didn’t make sense for their space, especially when it came down to functionality, cost and ultimately resale.



When you live or move into your home, it’s important to look at each change, upgrade, repair, remodel or renovation as an investment. There are four important questions you should ask yourself before starting a remodel or renovation. The answers will help you make smart and informed decisions on which ideas to pursue, and which ones should be tossed.

Your home should be your castle, your respite from the busy world. It should be a place that tells your personal story…filled with chapters of memories, beauty and love.

Good design is in the details.

I believe you can achieve beautiful design with smart planning, no matter what size your budget is. We are surrounded by beautiful and inspiring ideas in magazines, friends’ homes, furniture stores and online.

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Printable Grid Paper 1/4″


To help you accomplish all this, I created a free planner. It is designed to help you bring your dreams to reality by taking your vision and breaking it up into actionable steps. Many people think they can’t afford good design, but everyone can with proper planning.

Creating a functional and beautiful space for you and your family is important. Don’t skimp by and think that your home will only be transformed if you either win the lottery or wishfully end up on Fixer Upper.

Know this…You can achieve anything you dream of!

And while I’m not Joanna Gaines or Nate Berkus, with HGTV or Oprah fame, I promise you…I can help you figure it out.

So get ready to dream!

Once you decide to turn your ideas into reality, you’ll find everything you need to make them happen! The process will take time. It may get uncomfortable, but in the end…all your hard work and planning will be worth it!

I’ve been told that I should sell this planner, but for now we want to offer it for FREE.

We created this to be a free resource for all our readers because we want you to know that each project you take on can be successful and rewarding, with thought and proper planning. If you haven’t signed up for our weekly email, please do.

I share design ideas, DIY projects, interviews, entertaining ideas and always a great recipe. We value you each and every one of our readers. And to thank you…

Get your FREE planner here.


Your Turn


What projects are on your wish list this spring and summer?

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’m happy to help in any way.

I can’t wait to see what you create!


Cheers to your beautiful home!


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